SASBi-SC/SASHG Young Researchers' Symposium

The joint South African Bioinformatics Society (SASBi) and South African Human Genetics Society (SASHG) Student council symposium will take place in Cape Town on Saturday 3rd August.

The Young Researchers' Symposium theme—"The Bigger Picture"—reflects the importance of the movement toward systems biology, multi-omic and integrated research approaches.

The symposium will precede the 18th Biennial Congress of the South African Society for Human Genetics.

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 - 08:00

Intaka Island Eco-Centre
Century City
Cape Town

Contact Information: 

Ms Emma Frickel (SASHG-YRF)

Ms Mahtaab Hayat (SASBi-SC)

Submit abstracts via the congress website