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Monday, 18 November 2019

Open, rolling call for proposals (no application deadline)

"The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation wishes to receive innovative proposals that will advance discovery or development of therapies for Malaria, Tuberculosis and Kinetoplastid diseases (Leishmaniosis, Chagas and Sleeping Sickness). The following aspects of drug discovery for these therapeutic areas are of particular interest, but proposals addressing other aspects are very welcome:
➢ Dissection of pathogen or host immunological pathways in order to identify potential therapeutic targets.
➢ Physiologically relevant models of disease that may be amenable to screening or prioritization of chemical entities.
➢ New chemical entities that target pathogen replication, transmission or human pathology."

"The Tres Cantos Open Lab offers top international scientists and academics the opportunity to pursue their own projects as part of an integrated team. Researchers are able to access GSK’s expertise, processes, and industrial-scale infrastructure as part of a collaborative approach to drug discovery." source.

See Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation for more information and to submit your proposal.